Washington State Latter-day Saint Family Education Conference

Keynote speaker: Joyce Kinmont, founder of Latter-day Saint Home Educators Association

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Washington Latter-day Saint Family Educators conference to be held in the Seattle area on May 25, 2002 (on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend).

A Saintly Education: Taking Curricular Ideas from the Lordby Jack Monnett

Our Educational Past: Key to Our Educational Present and Futureby Jack Monnett

But Mom, I Want to Go to BYU!Successful BYU Admissions for Homeschoolers by Kirk Strong

 Twenty-five strategies for Turning your Kids into Writers by LauraMaery Gold

Hey-Diddle-Dee-Dee…A Writer I will be”  A writing class for teens by LauraMaery Gold

The Ten Best Educational Uses for the Internet by LauraMaery Gold

Family Music – Making Your Home Sing by Sharla Dance

Multiple Intelligences – What Are They?  by Sharla Dance

“The Fourth R—Responsibility” and “Love and Logic” by Margie Monnett

“Homeschooling 101—You CAN do This!” by Paula Harper-Christensen

Short and Sweet:  A Charlotte Mason Day by Heidi Nelson

Unit Studies – An Introduction by Sean Bosner

“Montessori at Home?—How to Make it Work at Your Home by Kay Kindorf

“Organizing it All” and “Teaching them All” by Tammy Frei

“Tender Parenting” by Joyce Kinmont

Art and Music — Taught by Me?by Michelle Howe

“Using the Library” by Sandra McCorkle

“Kids Working Around the House” by Sandra McCorkle

“History 101—How to Become a Creative and Exciting History Teacher” by Dan Hunter

“You! A Hero in the Making” a class for TEENS by Dan Hunter

“A Natural Way to Learn” by Robin Goddard