If you are a vendor and would like to participate in our upcoming 2002 conference, please write and let us know. Our next conference will be held May 25, the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, 2002.

Dear Vendor,

You are invited to be a vendor at our unique home school conference in Washington State next year: the Saints and Scholars 2002 Family Education Conference.

A group of homeschoolers across Washington state has joined together to create this annual event. For our first conference in 2001, we had a tremendous turnout, due to strong grassroots advertising efforts. This conference fills a special slot that no other home school conference offers.

The School of Abraham seeks to foster spiritual and moral development in an environment of academic rigor, with a commitment to the lifelong education of the parents as well as their children.

Because of this special focus, we are selective about the vendors we invite to be represented at our conference. We hope you will consider seriously our invitation to participate with us this year, as we celebrate our opportunities to advance in wisdom and knowledge. This conference is open to everyone in the community, of any denomination. Please consider yourself our invited guest.

We hope to reach veteran homeschoolers looking for a fresh start, new homeschoolers searching for help and ways to implement ideas, and non-homeschooling parents, who want to help their kids succeed in school and in life. We’re here to help the parent–one of the most important folks in the entire universe–to succeed!

~~The Friendly Folks at School of Abraham~~

  • Archive Publishers
  • Baby Things
  • Bae Publishers
  • Classical eAcademy
  • Classical Homeschooling
  • Co-op Curriculums
  • Correct Principles
  • Crystal Creek Lifestyle and Fitness Dynamics
  • Daily Gospel Study
  • Deseret Book
  • Discovery Toys
  • For Baby and Me Music
  • Great Books Academy
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  • Iron Rod Enterprises
  • Learning Technics
  • Liahona Learning Center
  • Living History
  • The Lundberg Company
  • Miracle Ranch
  • National Center for Constitutional Studies
  • Net Nanny
  • Our Father’s House
  • School of Abraham
  • Skylark Sings
  • SoftLore
  • Stratton House Home Science Adventures
  • Temple Art
  • T J Games
  • Usborne Books at Home
  • WritersPost

Authors represented:

  • David Albert
  • Oliver DeMille
  • LauraMaery Gold
  • Penny Gardner
  • Karen Rackliffe
  • Tari Cartwright
  • Paul Herrick
  • John Monnett
  • Reed Benson
  • Joy Lundberg
  • Robert Newell
  • Erleen Tilton
  • Sean Bonser