The Storied Scriptures

These scripture study guides are designed so the individual pages can be printed out, making it easy to mark the date and keep track of your progress. ~~The Friendly Folks at School of Abraham~~

Penny Gardner’s scripture study series for young children, “The Storied Scriptures” helps children read and grasp the most memorable stories from the scriptures. Her approach is based on the concepts that a child is able to comprehend and absorb complex ideas at an early age and that they are best taught directly from the scriptures.

Old Testament

“I have gone through the Old Testament and listed episodes that may be of interest to children to read. I prefer doing this over the simplified scripture stories that are available, so that children have the original, rich language of the scriptures. The scriptures in this list are strictly from the OT. I hope it is helpful.” ~~Penny Gardner~~

New Testament

“One of the most significant experiences of a child’s life is when he can truly feel the Spirit, learn the import of the stories of the events of the life of Christ, and listen for the first time to His teachings. Sometimes these precious spiritual experiences will stay with the child throughout his adult life. Reading and discussing the New Testament stories to your children will reap eternal benefits, and will introduce the child to the great principles involved in living a Christlike life.” ~~The Friendly Folks at School of Abraham~

Book of Mormon

“This outline of suggested readings is just a starting point. Feel free to adapt it to the age of your family. The titles listed let you know what those selected scriptures are about; the narrator invents his own title. Your child may collect his narrations into his own personal “Book of Mormon Stories,” a real keepsake. Narrating these stories puts them where they belong–in the child’s heart.” ~~Penny Gardner~~

For younger children, parents may use our Book of Mormon Study Outline for Age of Innocence (Ages 0-3), based on the Book of Mormon Storied Scriptures. ~~Created by Becky Riding~~

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Storied Scriptures for the Doctrine and Covenants.