Tammy Frei

Class 1 – Organizing It All

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, and that everything is out of control?  Or that you’re running to catch up to your children, your home, and all the family activities?  We will be discussing how you can get back control of your life, your home, and family.  We will be organizing chores, music practice, laundry (come see how to harness the socks!), schoolwork, grocery shopping, family home evening, menu planning, family council, and more!  I believe organization should be fast and easy in order to work.  It is a tool for success.  Also, bring your own favorite organizing ideas for a brainstorming good time.

Class 2 – Teaching Them all

Do you have more than one age group in your homeschool?  Or maybe you have a school age child and a baby or toddler.  Maybe you have one in college, a high schooler, a junior high age child, one middle schooler, two elementary age children, a preschooler, a toddler and a baby all at the same time– like me!  Can it really be done and still keep our sanity?  The answer is a resounding YES — and we can enjoy the journey at the same time.  We’ll be discussing teenagers, babies, and everything in between. Also, how do you homeschool through pregnancy?  Can we still do justice to our callings and visit teach?  How do we keep from neglecting the little ones while we’re spending so much time with the older ones?  What are our options in Washington for high school?  How do we get scholarships?  All this and more will be discussed in this class.  Also, I will be bringing my three oldest children for a question and answer period.

Tammy Frei is the mother of 9 children ranging in ages from 18 years to 3 months. She has been homeschooling for over 10 years. Her oldest son is a Heritage Scholar at BYU (full tuition for 4 years) and is loving it! Her next son will be starting Olympic Community College in the fall through Running Start. She has homeschooled through just about everything including 5 pregnancies and newborns, a husband who was Bishop for 6 and 1/2 years, serious illness of a family member, construction on her home and big callings of her own. She says “I feel like I’ve gone through the homeschooling ‘refiner’s fire’ and survived!” She has no degrees and only studied a few months of college at Ricks before she was married and started on her current journey.

“Homeschooling was overwhelming to me at first and not something I’d ever planned on doing, but I knew through a lot of prayer it was the right thing to do, so I just jumped in and did it!” She has learned much through extensive reading, asking lots of questions, and trial and error. She will be the first to admit that homeschooling has been one of the hardest things she’s done, but also one of the most rewarding. “I have no regrets and I’d do it all again.” She has people in her home often to observe her homeschool in action — and feels like part of the reason she needed to homeschool was to mentor other LDS families. She currently lives in Bremerton with her family and is the Primary President in her ward.