Sharla Dance

Sharla Dance has a degree in Music Education from Brigham Young University and has done her post graduate studies on how children learn. She has homeschooled each of her five children at one point or another in their lives and has used the multiple intelligence theory with them and every week as she teaches music. Sharla helps parents understand they don’t have to know music for it to be enjoyable and learnable for their family. Music and movement can be used in teaching anything, even spelling and math. One mother who has attended her seminars wrote: “I will never forget Jason spelling with wind wands. It was something else. He has to use an !!! (snap) at the end of all the words.”

Class # 1: Family Music – Making Your Home Sing

Learn by doing and demonstration in this class about bringing music into your home. We will play with wind wands as we sing or dance to music, talk about research and the effect of music on the brain, do partner rhythms, hear songs made up for each child, learn hands-on chording through tone bells, bounce/tap/clap folk chants and songs, use rhythm instruments to create our own band, and more. Bring the wonder of music alive in your home with your family as the music makers.

Class # 2: Multiple Intelligences– What are They?

What is your child’s greatest strength when it comes to learning? Are we guiding, offering opportunities to learn, and supporting our children in the ways our children learn best? What is a multiple intelligence approach to learning? We will answer these questions and more in this hands-on class dealing with the multiple intelligence theory.

Class #3: Multiple Intelligences–Now What?

Now that you have found out that you and your children are totally different, how do you teach them? Sharla Dance will give insights into how to teach out of your “intelligence comfort zone” and how to reach that child that “just won’t sit still.” Resources, ideas offered, and real life experiences will be shared for learning all subjects in a multiple intelligence way.