Robin Goddard

Robin Goddard has degrees in education and child development and has been a homeschooling mom since her oldest child was born 11 years ago. A longtime natural learning advocate (also called unschooling and child led learning), she even brought the philosophy into her classrooms during her teaching days – much to the annoyance of the schools’ administrators! In addition to learning with her four children, she’s a volunteer adoption facilitator, food bank donations coordinator, reluctant freelance writer, and supports her husband in his role as a city councilman in their home town. She says: “Though I’ve done lots of interesting things in my life, the most fun and rewarding thing I’ve ever done is being a homeschooling mom!”

Class: “A Natural Way to Learn”

Just what is this unschooling thing anyway? Do the kids actually learn anything? What about math? And what exactly do you DO all day? In this class, we’ll discuss these and other questions you might have about following a child led learning approach with your children, and we’ll see why this is a great way to bring more joy and less stress into a homeschooling lifestyle!