Rejuvenation and Remembrance

Marjorie Meyer

Ah, fall is in the air. The gentle rustle of leaves, the brisk morning freshness, the frosty remnants of the cool night air, the shorter daylight hours. Colors in the landscape turn from living green to vibrant red, yellow, and orange. Change is everywhere. Our hearts and our minds return to the fall rituals so familiar to our childhood– squeaky new shoes, new sharpened pencils, notebooks, and a ride on the big yellow school bus into the unknown but alluring experiences of a new school year.

Homeschoolers are no different from public schoolers in their need for predictable routines and milestones in the passing of time. At this time of “new beginnings,” I write to remind you to put first in your lives the truly vital and the critically important matters of the family. Nowhere is this better expressed than in Diane Hopkins remarkable essay: “The Baby IS the Lesson,” reprinted here, with her permission. (Thanks, Diane!)

I can’t remember the first time I read this essay, or even at what stage of my homeschooling journey I read it. But I can say that its lesson has never been far from my heart. “The Baby IS the Lesson” is what *every* homeschooler should read, at least once a year. So, this year, in 2003 we continue the traditional fall reading of this poignant reminder, penned in a moment of inspiration by a life-long homeschooling mother.

And may we, as parents, continue to remind ourselves of what is most important.