Our School Song

The School of Abraham exists to help parents more effectively teach their own children with the foundation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We take as our mission statement the word of the Lord in the book of Isaiah:

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. (Isaiah 54:13)

Our school song was written by Katrina Lybbert, a talented Canadian musician. She is the mother of three homeschooled children.

She shares her vision and hope of how the School of Abraham can benefit children and families in these words:

More than anything I know that LDS homeschoolers are looking for a way to include the gospel in their studies, especially in history, science, and  literature.  We need to have a place for new homeschoolers to come and find the help they need, and suggestions for families who want to take ideas from us and go their own path.

We need to have a scripture study program that will benefit all members of the church not just homeschoolers.   

We need to have a guided reading program for literature, LDS Great Books, and the scriptures, with curriculum  recommendations.

Thank you, Katrina, for sharing your vision and for the beautiful school song!  The words are:

We belong to the School of Abraham,

Where we’ll study to learn the truth.

We belong to the School of Abraham–

Education for Eternity.