(Nearly) Comprehensive List LDS Home Education Email Groups and Support Groups

Anchorage LDS Homeschooling Association – Bringing LDS Home Educators together socially and intellectually in Anchorage.
Austin LDS Homeschoolers – Local support for LDS homeschoolers in Austin.
Australian LDS Home Education – Support for LDS homeschoolers in Australia.
BYU Parent Education Website (under construction)
Homeschooling in California
Canada-LDS-hs – A support group for LDS homeschoolers living anywhere in Canada.
CER-Kimber. List to support educational materials produced by the Center for Educational Restoration.
ClassicReading – Dedicated to reading and discussing classic books.
Classical LDS Home Schoolers – Discussion for those who home school their children using Classical Education or Trivium approach.
Susie Clawson’s Homeschool Newsletter – Helpful monthly newsletter.
Comprehensive List of LDS Homeschool Resources – Sponsored by School of Abraham.
CTR- Beacons of Light – Support group in Houston, Texas. Provides learning experiences and social interaction for the children and support for parents.
Denver Metro Area Liahona Homeschool Group – Weekly meetings and frequent field trips.
LDS Eastern Home Educators – Support for LDS homeschoolers in the Eastern states including message boards, conference and website.
General Conference Discussion Group – Weekly discussion of various conference talks; family training and support.
HOLD-NVwest – Homeschoolers Of Latter Days — W. Nevada Email Group.
Homeschool Reviews – Moderated list. Free homeschool resources only, no chatting. Lots of great information.
Homeschool Utah – Ideas, materials, events, news, and legislative issues of import to the homeschooling family in the Beehive State.
Homeschooling Friends welcomes all LDS homeschoolers in Utah County, Utah for weekly play days.
Homeschooling in Utah – Inclusive list of homeschool groups in Utah.
Kimber Academy (WA) – An LDS private school with classes in history, math, science, language arts, and religion.
Latter-day Home Schoolers – Online support for LDS homeschoolers.
Latter-day Family Resources – (LDFR) LDS homeschool bulletin boards with various topics.
Latter-day Family Schools – Support group in San Diego, CA.
Latter-day Family Schools – San Diego group for home schooling parents seeking the best academic, social and spiritual development for children.
Latter-Day Learners – Serving Tucson, AZ. Weekly park days and field trips.
LDS Agency–Support for LDS child-led learning.
LDSBugz – Homeschooling with child-led experiences and core subjects. Website.
LDS ClassicalCM – List for LDS homeschoolers who are combining Classical Education with Charlotte Mason methods.
LDS CMers – Discussion for home schoolers who are using the methods of Charlotte Mason.
LDS CONFERENCES – Listing of homeschool conferences sponsored by LDS support groups.
LDS Copywork – Announcement-only list. One quote, poem, or scripture is sent out each weekday for use in copywork as per the Charlotte Mason method of education.
LDS-HEA – Annual conference and newsletter “A Call to Closeness” for LDS homeschoolers.
LDSHEA-Notes – Announcement-only list for periodic notes of cheer and encouragement, thought-provoking ideas, and timely information.
LDS Home Association of North Texas (SHARE) – Serving the LDS homeschoolers in greater Dallas area since 1993.
LDS Home Education – Discussion for LDS Church members who homeschool their children limited to those who are actually teaching their children at home.
LDS Home Ed2 – Group for those who have chosen to educate their children at home and need support from other LDS Home Educators.
LDS Home Educators Co-op, field trips, parent meetings. Olympia, WA area.
LDS Home Life – Discussion for an LDS home school community in Northern California.
LDS Home School – Discussion for families who home school or are thinking about home schooling.
LDS HomeschoolinginCA – California support group and website
LDS Home School Moms – Discussion for mothers who are home schooling.
LDS Homeschool Leaders – E-mail list for leaders of LDS Homeschool groups.
LDS Homeschool Teens – Come join our email group for a world of good, clean fun.
LDS Homeschool in Missouri State-wide online support group for Missouri.
LDS Homeschool Moms – Forum for homeschooling mothers, especially LDS Church members, to share thoughts, ideas and frustrations about homeschooling, parenting and life in general.
LDSHope – Homeschoolers Organized for Personal Enrichment (activities and yearbook).
LDS-hs-inCA – Internet support group for LDS homeschoolers anywhere in California.
LDS-HS-StLouis Online support group for the St. Louis area.
LDS Learn – Discussion for LDS home schoolers, home learners, natural learners, and others. The focus is on child-led learning and attachment parenting. Website.
LDS Michigan Homeschoolers – For LDS homeschooling parents in Michigan, whether thinking about starting, newly started, or experienced. Discuss, learn, and share ideas about both the temporal and spiritual aspects of homeschooling.
LDS Military Homeschool Board – For LDS homeschoolers in the military.
LDS-Oregon Home Educators Association. Quarterly e-mail newsletter, annual homeschool conference.
LDS School Teachers – Discussion for any kind of teacher, public, private, home, charter, etc., from an LDS perspective.
LDS Scouting Resources – Useful for homeschoolers.
LDS Sonlighters – Group for LDS homeschooling parents who are currently using or planning to use Sonlight curriculum.
LDSspecial_hs – List for those who homeschool special needs children or who are considering homeschooling their special needs child/ren.
LDS Total Home School – Discussion for families that have all of their children in the home school, and none of them in the public schools.
Letter of the Week – List is for those using the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum. Visit the Letter of the Week web site for quality learning ideas and curriculum for preschool children taught in the home.
Mentoring Your Own – Study group based on Five Pillar Certification/Thomas Jefferson Education by DeMille.
MomCulture – Forum for discussion of the Charlotte Mason Method and Oliver DeMille’s “Thomas Jefferson Education” approach to home education.
National LDS Homeschool Association | Browse the Publications Archive
Noble Child — Articles on mothering and homeschooling.
Oregon LDS Homeschoolers — Support group for those in Oregon.
SaintsandScholars – Discussion for those who home school academically advanced students.
Salt Lake Home Educators – Inclusive homeschool support group in Salt Lake City, Utah.
San Jose LDS Homeschool – Support group for LDS homeschoolers in the San Jose, CA area.
School of Abraham – Offers religious studies for LDS children and their families, several homeschool email lists, a classical curriculum study guide, and other homeschooling helps.
Scout School – Learn ways to implement the scouting program into your homeschool learning plan.
SHARE – Sharing Homes And Resourses for Education – for homeschooling families in Las Vegas. Provides group support, ideas, fun outings, and mother’s meetings.
Southeast Region LDS Homeschool Association – Online support, website, conference.
Southeast Valley Homeschoolers – Serving the southeastern Phoenix, AZ area. Field trips and park days.
Student Reports – Children who have written poetry, essays, reports, etc. are invited to submit their work and upon request receive peer feedback.
Tari’s Accelerated Learning – Eternal Harvest: LDS Homeschooling and Accelerated Learning.
Tristate Scholars at Home – Serving Bullhead City, AZ, Laughlin, NV, and Needles, CA and vicinity. Weekly and monthly activities.
Truelight Academy – Sharing our balanced approach to life and learning for latter-day saint home educators.
United Kingdom – Internet support group for LDS Home Educators in the UK.
Utah Home Educators Association – Info on various homeschool groups in Utah.
Utah-LDS-hs – State-wide homeschooling support group for LDS hs families in Utah. The place to freely discuss religious issues and religious education in homeschooling.
Washington LDS Family Educators – State-wide support group for LDS homeschoolers in Washington State. Online support group and LDS homeschool conferences.
Zion Academy – A home school support group for LDS families in the Eastside/King County region in Washington State.