Mortimer Jerome Adler in Memorium

(December 28, 1902 – June 28, 2001)

This poem is dedicated by the School of Abraham to Mortimer Adler, to his memory, his far-reaching influence on education, his literary heritage, and his lasting contribution to scholarship.

Seasoned Traveler

Any man’s death could end the story:

His mourners, having accompanied him

To the grave through all he knew,

Turn back, leaving him complete.

But this is not the story of a life.

It is the story of lives, knit together,

Overlapping in succession, rising again from grave after grave.

For those who depart from it, bearing it

In their minds, the grave is a beginning…

Ended, a story is history;

It is in time, with time

Lost. But if a man’s life

Continue in another man

Then the flesh will rhyme

Its part in immortal song.

By absence, he comes again.

~~by Wendell Berry~~