2001 LDS Homeschool Conferences

Saints and Scholars Family Education Conference

School of Abraham is the official sponsor of the Saints and Scholars 2001 Family Education Conference.

Theme:  Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Home Education–The Wave of the Future ~~Revealed Educational Principles and the Public Schools: Early Church Curriculum ~~ Homeschool Renaissance and the Great Books Movement: A Return to the Classics ~~ Learning About Learning: Conversations with my Violin ~~ Home Educating the Gifted Child ~~ The Founding Fathers as Educational Role Models ~~ Teach Your Child to Develop Critical Thinking and Logic Skills ~~ The Secret to Using Free Resources ~~ Learning Games: Why Enjoyment is Such a Powerful Learning Tool ~~ Eternal Harvest: Perspective on Home Schooling and Accelerated Learning ~~  Teaching the Gospel as an Academic Subject: Seeking Earnestly the Riches of Eternity ~~ The Mote, the (Balance) Beam, and the Resurrection: “I’m Already Buried–How Can I Homeschool, too?”~~  History Doesn’t Have to be Boring ~~ Mega Cooking: How to Cook Once a Month and Eat like a Queen ~~ Value Education:  Implementing Religious Instruction in Every Aspect of Learning ~~ Multiple Intelligences and Homeschooling ~~  Family Music Making ~~ Fathers Roundtable— To Each His Own: Why (Wise) Fathers are at the Head of Home Education

Family Home Education Conference

August 9th and 10th, 2002

Southern Virginia University
Buena Vista, Virginia

Theme:  Climbing Mount Zion

  $2,000 Scholarship for homeschool student to be awarded at the conference

Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer – Authors of The Well-Trained Mind:
A Guide to Classical Education at Home

Brad Wilcox – Popular Especially For Youth (EFY) youth conference speaker, author, and literacy specialist

Vicki Jo Anderson – Author of The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruf

Climbing Mount Sinai
The Value of Classical Education
Teaching Your Child to Read Using the Scriptures
Preparing Your Child for College
Academic Excellence K-4
Academic Excellence 5-8
Academic 9-12
Logic for the Intuitive
Producing Great Writers Without Fear
Using the Great Books
12 Things to Never Say to Young Readers
Talking to Children About Growing Up
Communicating With Teens
How to Really Help Your Teenager
Educational Choices:  Home School, Charter,
Private and Public School
How to Manage it All

Living Your Destiny
Sex is Like an Apple:  Don’t Spoil a Good Thing
Pornography:  Satan’s Counterfeit
Like a Lighthouse
Preparing for College
Sin Screen:  Protection from the Heat that Really Burns
The Great Great Books!

LDS-HEA 2001 Conference

June 8, 2001

Sandy, Utah

Theme: One Kingdom Rising, One Kingdom Falling

Keynote by Dr. Reed Benson: The Lord’s Library

Dr. Reed A. Benson | Rachel DeMille | Lorraine & Chelsea Goodrich | Tina & Ben Crowder | LuJean Livingston | Joyce Kinmont | Dr. John (Jack) Monnett | Joel Skousen | Info on the 2000 Conference

From the website: Principles to be taught at the conference:

The Lord’s library is foundational; it gives us a standard by which to measure all learning.

Parents must become great mentors; children and parents must take responsibility for lifetime learning.

The Lord’s yoke is easy, his burden light; if we’re overwhelmed we may be on the wrong path.

Each student has his own path.

We study from the best books, but we don’t have to read them all! It’s the process that feeds the soul.

We are teaching real children, not robots; we teach best when we emulate the Savior’s methods.

Satan seeks the destruction of the family; we have much to fear, but knowledge and faith conquer fear.

All Americans have citizenship duties; homeschoolers have a particular mission and opportunity to save the Constitution as it hangs by a thread, the future is bright and exciting.

LDS-OHEA Conference

August 4, 2001

Portland State University
Keynote address by Dr. Ed Gantt
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Featured Speakers

  • Dawny Aders Mother of five boys & one girl, Oregon’s Mother of the Year 2001
  • Liesl Anderson Mother of four, homeschooling since 1999
  • Gary & Sandy Bennion Parents of 10, homeschooling since 1993
  • Jeanne Card Mother of five boys, Oregon’s Mother of the Year 2000
  • Marilyn Dougall Mother of 11 children, has taught Kinder Music for six years.
  • Ann Faber Mother of five boys, homeschooling since 1992
  • Jane Hansen Mother of Molly and 3 other children, homeschooling since 1990
  • Dan Hunter Father of five, homeschooling since 1993, author of Living History Books
  • Steve Page Father of five, homeschooling since 1997
  • Molly Pestinger homeschool graduate, college graduate

The Family Institute for Light and Leadership

June 15, 2001

St. Petersburg, Florida

Keynote address by Robert Newell, author of World History for Latter-day Saints

Kimber Academy Conference

July 19, 20, 21, 2001

Salt Lake City, Utah

Theme: Preparing the Youth of the Noble Birthright

Speakers include Glenn Kimber, Hartman Rector, Jr., Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Janeen Brady, Dr. Don Sills.

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Classes for adults and for youth.

With or Without God–The Classroom Dilemma (Preparing Students to Become Servants of the Lord) | For The Strength of the Youth We Bless Thee… | Youth of the Noble Birthright (An Early Start At University Life) | Loving to Learn, and Learning to Love | Is It Me, or Is It You? (Learning to Recognize the Whisperings of the Spirit) | The Joy of Families Learning Together | Are You Taking Counsel From Your Fears? (The Why’s and How’s of Forming Your Own Private School) | My Manifest Destiny: The Staff Upon Which Our Nation Shall Lean | Spiritual Socialization (“De-toxing” from the world)

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National LDS Homeschooling Leadership Convention

August 18, 2001

Provo, Utah

Sponsored by Latter-day Family Resources

Includes teen classes and leadership training.

Classes will include: Sharing the Vision | How to Organize a Support Group | Finding Other LDS Homeschoolers | Building Rapport with Local LDS Leaders | How to Plan Cooperative Classes | Big Special Events: How to Host a Prom or Graduation for Homeschoolers | Planning Team Sports | Communicating with your Group: email, website, phone trees, newsletters | The Why and How-to of Teen Support Groups | Homeschoolers at BYU–Creating Support for College Aged Homeschoolers