Other LDS Educational Resources

Deseret Book’s Links to LDS homeschooler resources

Deseret Book website. Deseret Book’s collection of LDS links.

LDS World. Infobase Library (BYU Studies, Gospel Library, Classics); a searchable list of LDS links; LDS resources for children; and information on LDS temples.

Resources for Speeches. Campus Education Week talks, BYU Symposium on Christ sessions, BYU Family Expo talks, BYU Women’s Conference, General Conference, BYU Devotionals and Forums, and CES Firesides.

BYU Speeches of the Year and recent devotionals

BYU Broadcasting. Listen to live broadcasts of devotionals, forums, and speeches. Includes audio archives. Devotional and forum broadcasts are live Tuesdays at 11:00 AM.

BYU Bookstore

BYU Independent Study

BYU Parent Education Program (under development)

Church Almanac has lots of interesting facts and tidbits about general authorities, church, history, temples. (Item 80078000)

FARMS. Insights Newsletter, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, excerpts from books, complete research reports, and an extensive streaming video library of lectures on the Book of Mormon.