Kay Kindorf

Kay Kindorf is a mother of two and grandmother of eight, four of whom are being homeschool! She loves to see children and families grow as they experience the “education of the family.” She has a passion for homeschooling and sees great potential in Montessori ideology, materials and respect for the child in the homeschool setting. Kay graduated from BYU and did graduate studies at St. Nicholas Training Center of London, Montessori Training Center, UC of Berkeley, UC of San Diego and UC of Hayward. She has taught every age from pre-school through Jr. College. She has taught the Montessori experience since 1966 and was Director, Administrator, Reading Specialist, Teacher Trainer and Parent Study Group Leader. Can we just say she does EVERYTHING!!

CLASS “Montessori at Home?—How to Make it Work at Your Home.”

In this class you will be introduced to the Montessori Method and how to make it work in your homeschool. Using discovery, practical techniques and use of materials, here are a few of the things you will learn: Exercises of Practical Life; Sensorial materials and use; Reading and Language arts materials and use; Beginning math and materials and concepts; and the Cosmic subjects: The Earth, Time, History, Geography, all of the Sciences, and Social Studies. Montessori is something that you can do at home and Kay can help you find where it can fit in your home.