Gospel Art Study

by Karen Rackliffe, artist and author of Wild Days

Letter to parents from Karen:

This year I set myself a little task to research some creators of LDS art work and compile a Charlotte Mason-friendly resource that would include pictures from the Gospel Art Kit and church magazines, a short biography, scripture story references, a verse appropriate for copy work or memory work, related hymns and children’s songs to study, and some study suggestions on the art itself to use with my children. It includes studies on Harry Anderson, Carl Bloch, Giotto, Tom Lovell, Greg Olsen, Del Parson, Clark Price, and Minerva Teichert.

This has been a rewarding project for me. But I feel very much that I have a responsibility to contribute something to others, “because I have been given much,” as the song goes.

This study aid would be most useful to those who already own the Gospel Art Kit and are familiar with Charlotte Mason picture study methods.

May you and your families enjoy and benefit from your gospel art studies.

~~Karen Rackliffe~~