Conference Comments

Just a note of thanks for an outstanding homeschool conference! I thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers I heard, and came away with a wealth of new ideas to put into practice next year. I think it’s great that you had classes for the teens. I want you to know all your efforts are greatly appreciated. I am sure everyone worked hard and long to pull off such an affair with such exquisite quality. Your search for speakers alone proved to me that you did your best. Please grace our lives again next year. We need to continue to encourage more and more parents. Being a navy wife (we have been moving a lot and homeschooling for the past sixteen years), I have gone to numerous homeschool conferences and this one ranks as one of the best! Your location was perfect, quiet, peaceful and parking close by. Great meals as well, the topics were very interesting. I will invite everyone I know next year! Tena

I just wanted to repeat what a pleasure it was to be with you all yesterday. Several of us noted that this didn’t seem like a first conference at all! Things went extremely smoothly, were well-organized, and the attendees seemed energized and genuinely at home. May you have many more like it!

David Albert, presenter and author of And the Skylark Sings with Me

YOUR CREW DID A FABULOUS JOB!!! I am an 11 year veteran of home schooling and I enjoyed myself very much. It was great to see so many home schoolers that were LDS. I think that is what made it so fun. I talked to several people on Sunday that didn’t even know about the conference! I felt bad; I thought I told everyone! I learned something at the conference. I am an old timer with lots of info. I didn’t realize how many people were so new at this! Grace

It was very inspiring, and so positive. Well organized. Thank you very much!
What a wonderful conference! You did a superb job of organizing and following through with all of the details that make a conference successful. In fact, I don’t know when I’ve participated in a conference that ran as smoothly or had as much to offer. You are to be congratulated.
The homeschoolers in Washington (at least those at the conference) really seemed to understand their roles. Generally when I attend conferences, I spend my time pleading to get involved with the spiritual and scriptural side of homeschooling as the curricular foundation. Following a solid foundation, the academic curriculum is easily added. The Washington homeschoolers already understood this principle.

Jack Monnett, presenter and author of Revealed Educational Principles and the Public Schools

Thank you, it was great! I appreciated the classes that had some “meat”.

Really enjoyed it–learned a lot. From a brand new homeschooler

I’ve been attending homeschool conferences for twelve years. This was undoubtedly the most well-organized conference I have ever been to. I was so impressed by the homeschoolers in Washington. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience. The conference was amazing. The School of Abraham team did a wonderful job at coordinating, and it was a BIG hit. I loved watching the teens talk about their classes. The teens looked like they were having a great time (I saw many of them practicing juggling with little scarves). I know I had a great time and met so many fine homeschooling families. Thank you for having me and for all the fine work you did to create the conference. I really felt the spirit there and I know you are making a huge contribution to many families and their children. I’ve been to so many conferences and can say that yours was one of the best I have ever seen or felt.

Tari Cartwright Radulovich, presenter, author of Eternal Harvest, An LDS Perspective for Homeschooling and Accelerated Learning

Loved it! Great, fabulous. Please return!

A round of applause for a wonderful turnout on Saturday! How exciting to meet so many online faces! Thanks, Gloria

Congratulations on putting together such a successful conference. I am so glad I was able to convince my wife to attend. She was surprised to see so many of her friends there. I learned a lot and my testimony of home schooling was strengthened. I used to teach high school and know how bad public schools can be. Thanks again!

Ken Roberts, President of BYU Management Society, Puget Sound Chapter

I enjoyed this conference very much–it filled me up.

The conference was so awesome!!! Thanks, Mindy

Great job! I appreciate the vision and great work by those who planned this conference.

I was trying to decide if I could be a homeschooler and after this I know I can! Thank you so much!
The conference was outstanding. I met dozens of wonderful homeschoolers, listened to inspiring speakers, and discovered lots of new material in the vendor area. And my kids really enjoyed the classes for teenagers. Nice touch! Thank you for letting me be part of it!

LauraMaery Gold, presenter, author of Homeschool Your Child for Free

The conference was my first, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was just what I needed to put me on track. Thanks so much for all you did!! Thanks, Lisa

We enjoyed seeing the missionaries here and being able to see new vendors we hadn’t been exposed to. This was our first homeschool conference and we had a great time. Can’t wait until next year! Melonie

Nice to finally see focus for LDS homeschooling. Great atmosphere. Grace

Thank you for the conference. I am grateful not to have the expense of a trip to Utah, although I love that conference also. Pam

Thanks to you and everyone involved who made the conference so wonderfully inspiring! Laura

I really enjoyed helping out with your conference. It was fun for me to meet and talk to all the dedicated homeschoolers who came. Those that I know told me they really enjoyed themselves and I’m sure that the attendance will be even greater next year. It is such a welcome coming together for this hard-working group. You deserve lots of applause for such a wonderful family effort. Katherine

GREAT! Thank you. I am so glad I came. From a one-year homeschooler

The conference was great! It was so nice to be with those who have similar feelings about teaching our own children. P. J.

Your class on Homeschooling and Fathers was great. Thank you for all you did to put on a great conference. My husband had never been to one and he got the “pump up” he needed. Sandra

You guys deserve praise! Martel

Wonderful job! My hat is off to you all for pulling together a great conference. Elisa