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Classical liberal education is not only the means necessary to imbue students with the skills to become excellent life-long learners, but also the means to be fully engaged citizens, exercising civic duties from a principled understanding of the issues which confront them daily. These, too, are all qualities shared by free and happy men.  A genuine liberal education requires a study of the greatest books in the Western tradition, ordered not only in its method, but also toward realizing human happiness and wisdom.
~Mortimer J. Adler~

An Old-Fashioned Education – Visit this impressive website for hundreds of links to online out of print books, organized into a K-12 graded curriculum.

The Sophia Project

TextKit. Free and fully downloadable Greek and Latin grammars and readers.

Ancient History on the Web

Greek Ruins by Tracy Lee Simmons

Find out more about the history of education

Read 19th Century Schoolbooks Online

Lambs’ Tales from Shakespeare Online

Our Young Folks’ Josephus (Josephus chronicled the history of the Hebrew people)

Fifteen Minutes a Day: The Reading Program for the Harvard Classics. Enjoy reading the insightful forward by C.W. Eliot.
The Harvard Classics online | The Shelf of Fiction

Lectures on the Harvard Classics
Read an editorial on the Harvard Classics here.

For ideas on implementing classical education, read E. Christian Kopff’s words on Why We Need the Classical Tradition.

The Tradition of the West by Robert M. Hutchings
The Idea of a College by Robert M. Hutchings

Philosophy of Liberal Education – great collection

For a broad overview of classical resources:

Classical Homeschooling

The Great Books Movement

The Well-Trained Mind

Classical Homeschooling Applied

Schola Classical Resources

Trivium Pursuit Online

Center for the Study of The Great Ideas

Education for Eternity

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum (excerpts from the appendix)

Christine Miller’s Classical Education

Susan Bauer on Classical Education

Prospectus for a Classical School

Fritz Hinrichs defines Classical Education

Philosophy of Liberal Education

Collection of Latin Curriculum Reviews

What are the Great Ideas?
Alphabetically and by Category

The Great Ideas Program (online links)
Reading guides in The Great Books

Leading Great Books Discussions

What is the Great Conversation?

Great Books of the Western World

Master Works of Western Civilization

Gateway to the Great Books
These books contain supplements to the Great Books of the Western World series.

The Great Conversation, six course sequence

Mortimer Adler Archive

What is Touchstones? Programs by Grade Level
The goal of the Touchstones Project is to encourage cooperative learning and discussion as well as to exercise such key individual skills as critical thinking, respect for others, personal responsibility, and self-discipline.

School of Abraham Educational Model

Return to the Classics

Teaching the Virtues

From the Beginning

Read Dorothy Sayer’s essay: The Lost Tools of Learning