Behind the Curtain

by Jenn Young

Columns for Teens by Jenn Young

Published in the Newsletter of the
Utah Home Education Association

September 2003
What I Did on My Summer Vacation:
New Names and Unfaithful Geysers

August 2003
Public Schools Can’t be Beat
(by Kelly Flynn)
. . . /But They Can be Whipped/ (by Jenn Young)

July 2003
Review by Jenn Young:
Homeschooling and the Voyage of
A Journey of Original Seeking

June 2003
i h8 imspk
(Translation:  I hate IM-speak)

May 2003
What is this “Socialization” You Speak Of?
(Or:  Fish Don’t Need Bicycles)


April 2003
A Sunday Morning in the Life of Jenn Young

March 2003
Things Fouler Than Orcs:
A Politically Incorrect Love Story

February 2003
Once, Twice, Thrice, and Hedgehoglets:
A Tribute to Our Noble Language

January 2003
Of Midis and Real Life

December 2002
Stacking Books to Maximize Car Space

November 2002
Pay No Attention to that Girl Behind the Curtain:  Introducing Our New Teen Columnist