2002 LDS Homeschool Conferences

First Annual Idaho LDS Home Educators Conference
Washington State LDS Family Educators Conference – Bellevue, Washington
Family Home Education Conference – Buena Vista, Virginia
LDS-HEA Conference – Lehi, Utah
Utah State-wide Homeschool Conference – Salt Lake City, Utah
Fifth Annual Education of the Heart Conference – Houston, Texas
Kimber Academy Conferences – Salt Lake City, Utah
Fourth Annual LDS Oregon Home Educators Association Conference – Portland area, Oregon
Families for Home-based Education Conference – Longview, WA
Family Institute for Light and Leadership – Teen/Family Conference – West Virginia
CTR Teen Conference Houston, TX

Washington LDS Family Educators 2002 Conference

Keynote speaker:  Joyce Kinmont, founder ofLatter-day Saint Home Educators Association

May 25, 2002
Bellevue, WA

stand a Little Taller

Keynote speaker:  Joyce Kinmont  “Home Schooling from the Inside Out”

“A Saintly Education: Taking Curricular Ideas from the Lord”by Jack Monnett

“Our Educational Past: Key to Our Educational Present and Future” by Jack Monnett

But Mom, I Want to Go to BYU!Successful BYU Admissions for Homeschoolers by Kirk Strong

 Twenty-five strategies for Turning your Kids into Writers by LauraMaery Gold

Hey-Diddle-Dee-Dee…A Writer I will be”  A writing class for teens by LauraMaery Gold

The Ten Best Educational Uses for the Internet by LauraMaery Gold

Family Music – Making Your Home Sing by Sharla Dance

Multiple Intelligences – What Are They?  Now What?  (subject taught in two classes) by Sharla Dance

“The Fourth R—Responsibility” and “Love and Logic” by Margie Monnett

“Homeschooling 101—You CAN do This!” by Paula Harper-Christensen

Short and Sweet:  A Charlotte Mason Day by Heidi Nelson

Unit Studies – An Introduction by Sean Bosner

“Montessori at Home?—How to Make it Work at Your Homeby Kay Kindorf

“Organizing it All” and “Teaching them All” by Tammy Frei

“Tender Parenting” by Joyce Kinmont

“Art and Music — Taught by Me?by Michelle Howe

“Using the Library” by Sandra McCorkle

“Kids Working Around the House” by Sandra McCorkle

“History 101—How to Become a Creative and Exciting History Teacher” by Dan Hunter

“You! A Hero in the Making” a class for TEENS by Dan Hunter

“A Natural Way to Learn” by Robin Goddard

Family Home Education Conference  

July 22-24, 2002

For other updates and news please visit the official conference website.

Southern Virginia University
Buena Vista, Virginia

Theme:  Climbing Mount Zion

  $2,000 Scholarship for homeschool student to be awarded at the conference

Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer – Authors of The Well-Trained Mind:
A Guide to Classical Education at Home

Brad Wilcox – Popular Especially For Youth (EFY) youth conference speaker, author, and literacy specialist

Vicki Jo Anderson – Author of The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruf 

Climbing Mount Sinai
The Value of Classical Education
Teaching Your Child to Read Using the Scriptures
Preparing Your Child for College
Academic Excellence K-4
Academic Excellence 5-8
Academic 9-12
Logic for the Intuitive
Producing Great Writers Without Fear
Using the Great Books
12 Things to Never Say to Young Readers
Talking to Children About Growing Up
Communicating With Teens
How to Really Help Your Teenager
Educational Choices:  Home School, Charter,
Private and Public School
How to Manage it All

Living Your Destiny
Sex is Like an Apple:  Don’t Spoil a Good Thing
Pornography:  Satan’s Counterfeit
Like a Lighthouse
Preparing for College
Sin Screen:  Protection from the Heat that Really Burns
The Great Great Books!

LDS-HEA 2002 Conference

Friday, June 7, 2002

Registration – 8:30 am Program 9:00 – 6:00

Thanksgiving Point, I-15 at Exit 287, Lehi, UT

Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful garden — and much more — just 20 minutes south of Salt Lake City & 20 minutes north of Provo

the program

Homeschooling from the Inside Out: Start with the Family

We hope to relieve the stress of those several hours during the day when you shift gears to imitate—and try to improve on—the world’s school system, bending your family to fit the world’s curriculum. We’ll talk about focusing on the family first. You can ask: What is our family personality? What do we do well? What is our purpose, our mission? How can we work and play and study and serve together? How can we then upgrade as we strive to become more intelligent, spiritual, refined, and useful?

We’ll encourage you to hold Family Home Morning, not “school,” with your little ones, emphasizing music, art, storytelling, symbolism, and nature. We’ll encourage individual versions of the School of the Prophets for older students and adults. And we’ll encourage family projects — building a house, serving at the shelter, making music together. Strengthen the family first, then the scholarship can be added.

Old friends Oliver DeMille, LuJean Livingston, and Jack Monnett will speak to us again. (Our beloved Brother Reed Benson has been ill, so we don’t know yet if he’ll be there.) Lorraine Goodrich, who you met last year, will return to talk about family identities. Janeen Brady, who wrote the songs many of you grew up on, will teach us how music enhances learning. Artist Linda Christensen, who paints temple murals, will introduce us to teaching symbolism. Two great dads, Paul Mero, President of the Sutherland Institute, and Scott Brady, producer of an annual Constitutional pageant, will talk about their roles as homeschool fathers. You’ll meet Jim Kennard from Food For Everyone who says your children can learn to garden. And more… . . .

Utah Home Educators Association

Utah State-wide Homeschool Conference

Twenty-second Annual Convention
And Curriculum Fair

June 8,2002
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

Keynote speaker: David Albert

Fifth Annual
Education of the Heart Conference
Sponsored by CTR Beacons of Light

May 16, 17, 18

Houston, TX

Support Group Leadership Conference

Thursday May 16, 2002
7:00 Dinner and teen group presentation

Friday May 17, 2002
9:30 – 4:00 Leadership workshops on ideas for support groups

Education Conference

“Preserving the Family”

Friday May 17, 2002
7:00 Speaker and graduation ceremony

Saturday May 18
8:30 – 5:00 Variety of workshops

Keynote speaker is Randall Wright, CES instructor, Education Week Speaker and Autor of several Family books. His speciality is on the Media Influence on the Family.

Special features include: teen track, area for homeschool project dispays, vendors, graduation ceremony.

For complete information and to register, visit CTR Beacons of Light website.

Kimber Academy 2002 Conferences

“Tools and Techniques of Effective Teachers”

“Preparing the Youth of the Noble Birthright”

For complete information or to register for a conference, click here.

Family Institute for Light and Leadership

Teen/Family Conference

West Virginia

September 13, 14, 15, 2002

For ages 12 and up, accompanied by parent(s). For more information write to FILL Teen Conference.