Tally of the School of Abraham Survey

Tally of the School of Abraham Survey

Note: This non-random survey was conducted via email. Answers submitted were entirely voluntary (written mostly by mothers), and in essay form. No prepared answers were supplied. While our current results are illustrative and helpful, we recommend that further studies be conducted with a more formal approach, and that fathers (and perhaps children) also be surveyed.

The Survey Question:

We are writing to solicit any input from you folks on how your husband is involved with your homeschooling. (Or how would you LIKE your husband to be involved?)

Fountains of Youth by Greg Olson

Survey answers are summarized below. Thank you to all those who participated!

Tally of the 2001 School of Abraham Survey


Look for teaching moments  1

Help with music 111

Play games (cards, chess, hide and seek, tag, board games, kites, bowling) 1111

Allow children to visit place of work/talk to colleagues 11

Answer kids’ questions 11

Read to kids 11111

Long conversations 111

Hikes / bicycle trips 111

Visits to theaters and museums 111

Encourage studying current events 111

Spend TIME with spouse/kids 11111   111

Sports involvement 11

Turn off the TV 1111

Listen to kids’ stories 1

Display / really look at kids’ pictures/artwork 11

Work two jobs to support family 11

Building a home (carpentry) 11

Hobbies/include kids in what husband is doing (“follow own interests, welcome kids’ involvement”) 111

Attend homeschool conferences 11

Develop a homeschool vision statement 11111   1

Give another perspective on subject 11


Moral Support 11111   1

Show interest!/make suggestions 11111   111

Really talk to spouse / (listen to) 11111   11111   111

Help teach DISCIPLINE / RESPONSIBILITY to children 11111    1111

Give mom regular activity or night off 111

Take a walk together (husband and wife) 11

Family outings all together 11

Take kids out for the day 111

Give encouragement 1111

Financial support 111

Include kids on work and service projects 11

Let mom soak in tub/eat m&m’s/watch movie/relax 11

Discussions around dinner table 111


Read scriptures 11111

Spelling tests 1111

Flash cards for math 11111   1

Science experiments 11111   11

Help plan school schedule 111

Read essays 11

Grade work 11111

Teach pledge of allegiance 1

Teach simulated stock market/responsibility for income/taxes 11

Screen books/movies 11111

Recommend books 111

Review curriculum materials 1111

Tutor teens 1

Assign research projects 11

Help kids set goals 11

Provide transportation 111

Buy at used book sales/on the internet 11

Buy computer 11111    1

Dad’s project night 1

Subjects Dads have taught:  chemistry/periodic table, computer lessons*, physics, math*, science*, woodworking, electricity, survival skills, bike riding, geography*, music, lego club, astronomy*  (*=most commonly taught)

Build machines with pulleys, motors, gears 111


Dishes 111

Grocery Shopping 1

Laundry 11

Watch the kids 1

Play silly games with kids 111

Plant a garden 111

Pick up own clothes 1

Cook 11

Have meals together 111

Brush kids teeth/bath 111

Camping/vacations 11111   1

Family hobbies 1

Help clean the house 11111

VALUES AND PRINCIPLES DADS HELP TEACH (by precept and by example)

Patience 11

Emphasize completion of tasks 1111

Expect responsibility and follow-through 11

Honesty 1111

Pray with and for children/spouse 111

Talk to children before disciplining 11

Hug them 111

Share childhood memories with them 111

Never use profanity 11

Apologize when necessary 11

Show appreciation 1111

Praise talents 111

Teach them to strive for excellence 11111  111

Give them a “vision worth living for” 11

Love their mother 1111

Seek guidance 11

Teach problem-solving strategies 111

Discipline/teach child with poor attitude 111

Foster a love of learning 11

Understand personal faith 111

A HOMESCHOOL MOTHER’S WISH LIST (what homeschool moms would like their husbands to do)

Study curricular choices together 111

Help define goals for homeschool / “Begin with the end in mind” 1111

Call to talk with kids on phone, check on them, let them call him  111

Visit dad’s place of work 11

Take time to train each child in specific steps of tasks 11

Inspect child’s work 11

Give constructive feedback 111

Teach child to listen/concentrate 111

Help teach them to work (how to dress, make beds, do dishes, vacuum, mop, rake, wash car, weed garden, care for pets) 1111

Teach nurturing traits 111

Teach obedience 1111

Support and praise children 1

Listen to / talk to children about their stories 111

Give examples and stories of his life 11

Take time away from business 1111

Teach boys to be men; daughters what to look for in man 1

Take over science instruction 11

Go with us on field trips 111

Hold weekly progress reports with Dad (ask questions, mostly listen) 111

Jump into an ongoing activity 11

Take more time to be involved 11111    111

Take over a subject or enrichment project 11111

Come home for lunch 11

Read something someone has written 1

Help with math 11111


That’s all for now, folks!