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Pearl of Great Price

The Storied Scriptures

See the Storied Scriptures for the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon.
Compiled by Katrina Lybbert


Songs selected from the LDS Hymn book (31243) and the Children's Songbook (CS, 35395).  Songs are also available on CD and cassette (music, with or without words).  Order online at www.ldscatalog.com or call 800-537-5971.

  Worlds Without Number

Hymn # 284, If You Could Hie to Kolob
CS pg. 229, God Is Watching Over All

Moses 1:25-39
  Pre-Earth Life

CS pg. 4, I Lived in Heaven

Abraham 3:22-28
  The Creation Planned

CS pg. 234, Because God Loves Me

Abraham 4:1-31; 5:1-3
  Spiritual Creation

Hymn # 86, How Great Thou Art

Moses 3:4-7
  Physical Creation
(In the Beginning)

CS pg. 235, The World Is So Big

Moses 2:1-31; 3:1-3
  Garden of Eden

CS pg. 232, Beauty Everywhere

Moses 3:8-10; 15-25
  The Serpent

CS pg. 98, Repentence

Moses 4:1-13
  The Fall of Adam and Eve

Hymn # 49, Adam-ondi-Ahman

Moses 4:14-32
  Adam Serves God

 CS pg. 110, Follow the Prophet (verse 1)

Moses 5:1-15
  Cain and Abel

Hymn # 239, Choose the Right

Moses 5:16-41

CS pg. 94, Family History - I Am Doing It

Moses 6:1-16

Hymn # 270, I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Moses 6:21-36
  Enoch the Seer

Hymn # 249, Called to Serve

Moses 6:37-47
  Enoch Teaches of Adam

CS pg. 104, I Like My Birthdays

Moses 6:48-68
  Enoch Prophesies

CS pg. 110, Follow the Prophet (verse 2)

Moses 7:1-16
  The City of Zion

Hymn # 48, Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion

Moses 7:17-27; 68-69
  The Heavens Weep

CS pg. 61, Jesus Said Love Everyone

Moses 7:28-40
  Enoch and the Covenant

Hymn # 41, Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise

Moses 7:41-53
  Enoch Sees All Things

Hymn # 41, Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise

Moses 7:54-67

CS pg. 162, I Will Be Valiant

Moses 8:2-7

CS pg. 110, Follow the Prophet (verse 3)

Moses 8:8-30

CS pg. 164, I Will Follow God's Plan

Abraham 2:1-25