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Great Books of the Western World

A Return to the Classics

The School of Abraham supports the homeschooling family by providing unique educational resources for religious education, which are founded upon the School of Abraham Educational Model, including our Guided Reading Program of LDS Great Books and other classics, recommended resources for history, biography and other curricula, studies of the teachings of the prophets, in-depth scripture study and commentaries, gospel art resources, and programs which will help strengthen family life and provide character education. 

At the School of Abraham, we feel that there have been scholars raised up by the Lord since the restoration of the gospel who have been inspired by the Lord to write books which are seminal in nature, which define authoritatively the doctrine of the kingdom, our responsibilities to the Lord and our fellowman, our duties as  Christians, how to live, and what our understanding should be:  the "roadmaps" for developing a Christ-like character and understanding.  The School of Abraham recognizes the worth of these materials and incorporates them into our homeschool curricula.  

The School of Abraham will develop study guides to accompany the student's study of  the "Teachings of ..." the prophets books, writings by Bruce R. McConkie, Hugh Nibley, James E. Talmage, the writings of other general authorities and BYU scholars, the book Gospel Principles,  the new Church history book, the Church almanac, and other commentaries and classic LDS books.  The Church magazines, conference reports, Church News, and other materials available from church distribution also have much to offer.  The foundation of our gospel scholarship program is the scriptures.

We also recommend the reading list of the "Good Books" created by the Great Books Academy.  The Great Books Academy individually mentors students by using Socratic teaching methods, and follows a classical curriculum. Their homeschool program is flexible, allowing the student to tailor their studies and choose their own curriculum materials as desired. Their excellent classical studies incorporate a required reading program developed by John Senior. During the high school years, the student will study Britannica's Great Books of Western Civilization.  See our information pages on the  Great Books of the Western World and Return to the Classics.

Parents want to have a large resource on which to draw for appropriate reading material for their children in a variety of subjects and reading levels, including independent reading as well as books to read aloud for younger children.  Some books are considered "required reading," and additional readings can be chosen from the School of Abraham library.  The child can provide an oral narration, a summary, or a written book report on their readings, based on their individual ability. 


Guide Books

  • Let the Authors Speak: A Guide to Worthy Books Based on Historical Setting by Carolyn Hatcher

  • All Through the Ages by Christine Miller

  • Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys M. Hunt

  • Reading Lists for College Bound Students, by Doug Estell

  • Recommended Reading: 5000 Classics Reviewed, Salem Press, 1995

  • New Lifetime Reading Plan, by Clifton Fadiman, HarperCollins, 1999

  • Good Reading: A Guide for Serious Readers, Bowker, 1990

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