Gospel Principles Study Guide for Young Children

Gospel Principles Study Guide for Young Children

by Michelle Duker

General Information

This study is for young children using the Gospel Principles manual published by the Church. The lessons are broken down into daily segments and augmented with songs, scriptures and memory suggestions, pictures, and materials from the Friend magazine. A few of the lessons are less appropriate for young children, and I’ve left them completely open or less structured to allow for easy adapting to family needs, or omission, as the parent sees fit.

A typical weekly plan involves some reading and discussion each day of the week, with Fridays usually spent in review or reading supplementary material from the Friend. For each weekly lesson, I list a suggested memory verse approximately every two weeks, pictures from the Gospel Art Picture Kit which may enhance the lesson, and stories from the various Scripture Readers published by the Church which relate to that week’s theme.

Each day I have subject headings from the Gospel Principles manual to read for that day, suggested scriptures to look up, a song to sing from the Children’s Songbook, and on Fridays a list of suggested resources from the Friend magazine.

~~Michelle Duker~~

Suggested resources

Gospel Principles manual (31110; also available online)
Children’s Songbook (CS; 35395 000), tapes (52428) or CD’s (50428) of the songs
Gospel Art Picture Kit (GAPK; 34730 000)
The Scripture Stories books: Old Testament Stories (OTS; 31118 000), New Testament Stories (NTS; 31119 000), Book of Mormon Stories (BoMS; 35666 000), and Doctrine and Covenants Stories (D&CS; 31122 000). (All Scripture Readers are also available on cassette).
Online Scripture Stories for Children: Four books of scripture stories published by the LDS Church for the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. All pictures and hyperlinks to scriptures are included.
Church Magazines online, in print or on CD
Scriptures for each reading child (online version)
Click here for additional study suggestions
How Old is the Earth?
Order online at www.ldscatalog.com or call 800-537-5971.

GAPK: Gospel Art Picture Kit
CS: Children’s Songbook
IFC: Inside Front Cover
IBC: Inside Back Cover
NTS: New Testament Stories
OTS: Old Testament Stories
BMS: Book of Mormon Stories
D&CS: Doctrine and Covenants Stories